Custom Website for a General Goods eBay Store

I created a custom website for a general goods eBay store called Flipping Funk.

Flipping Funk website splash page
Flipping Funk eBay store home page store front home page

eBay Store External Website

The store is a standard eBay store. It’s the type that anyone selling things from home might start. The items for sale are general goods and range across a spectrum from soup to nuts.

Coupling an eBay store with a storefront outside of eBay provides many benefits and potentials for new business opportunities.

  • Improved online discoverability
  • Additional passive income opportunities
  • Increased sales volume and velocity
  • Automated content creation
  • Complete control over design, structure, and experience
  • Increased ability to compete

I named the store Flipping Funk. Flip is another word for a sale, and when I started selling online, everything in my store was mostly funky junk from thrift stores. Combined, you get Flipping Funk.

Click here to visit Flipping Funk

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