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Wicked good website design for your WordPress site, pages, and content.

Whether you’re an owner-operator, local small business, corporate team, or non-profit organization there are a few universal expectations you can expect from your website design(s).


  • Mobile-responsive: designs that work on any size screen or device.
  • Unique: designs that no one else has.
  • Custom: designs built for your business.
  • On-Brand: designs that match your brand standards.
  • On-Budget: designs and workflow that fits your budget.
  • On-Time: designs delivered on time.
  • Satisfaction: designs you’re happy with.

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My Design Process.

Website Design


Discovery is my process of defining your website design project. To reach your goals, meet your expectations, and provide the best website designs for your business it’s essential to determine the type of website you want. We’ll establish your likes, dislikes, content requirements, available creative assets, project scope, budget, and timelines through the discovery process. As a result, we’ll have mapped out the project’s guidelines and a clear path to the finish line.

website design discovery

Website Design


Wireframes are low-fidelity mockups of your website’s design. Visually, they’re a basic look at page layout and show how content and creative assets weave together to create structure. Not all website design projects require or warrant wireframes, but they’re especially helpful for guiding the organization of necessary on-page assets (like content and graphics) and allowing teams of project owners and stakeholders a chance for early input, buy-in, and approval.

WordPress wireframing

Website Design


Website designs are final quality high-fidelity mockups. Short of including final copy writing, website designs showcase the final look of your new website. They include your desired colors, typography, logos, graphics, sizing, spacing, and layout choices. Depending on your project’s scope and requirements, designs may include a single layout visualizing your website for full-size screens or multiple layouts to visualize your website at pre-determined widths (e.g. a mobile layout, tablet layout, and desktop layout).

Responsive Website Designs

Website Design


Refinement affords an opportunity to approve designs or request revisions. Sometimes, you simply won’t know if a design is 100% right until you see it, so refinement gives you a chance to scrutinize a design in its final composition to catch any last-minute adjustments before calling it done.

website design refinements

Website Design


Handoff is when your designs are finished and handed over. You get complete ownership of source files and assets along with the ability to proceed into the production and development phase of your project.

finished website design

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