I'm Floyd Hartfor Jr.

Yes, I code websites.

I graduated from the University of Southern Maine with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology with a concentration in communication and information technology. Subjects studied included website development, graphic design, video editing, telecommunications, cyber-security, industrial production control and quality control, hydraulics and pneumatic power, marine biology, technical writing, drafting, CAD, database management, and more.

Professionally, I've coded a lot of websites and drank a lot of coffee. I've had the pleasure of knowing many people in Southern Maine's local business bubble. Office and desk space I've called home as a website developer include Saco River Auction Company, Level8 Design Studio, Kemp Goldberg Partners, Industrium, and Portland Webworks. My website projects stretched from publically traded global companies to state-level government sites, universities, local businesses like neighborhood restaurants, brands, banks, and more. For a hot minute, I was a sales guy with Bytes.co, too. I have a lot of opinions about websites, search engine optimization, and how to create more efficient systems.

Operating multiple eBay stores is my semi-passive-income hobby-passion. I automate websites for my own needs because it makes it fun for me. I use on-site and off-site SEO to help new visitors discover the websites and I use affiliate links to help keep my eBay prices store competitive. Click here to see an example of my used hats clothing store preownedhats.com

I use floydhartford.com for all sorts of behind the scenes website code testing and off-the-cuff project ideas. It's my white napkin drawing board.

Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google AdWords, Google AdSense, eBay Partner Network, Amazon Affiliate Program, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, and social media. I'm dabbling in areas all over the digital landscape.