Business Websites Need to be Responsive, Mobile Friendly, and Mobile First

Criteria for being a competitive online business generally fall into two categories – qualifiers and competes. Having a responsive website is not a competitive advantage. A responsive website is a qualifier for a business to exist. Legitimate businesses – small, large, local, and abroad – have a website. Qualifiers are the bare minimum. They’re the basics and essentials that a …

The best digital marketing agencies are experts at being experts

The Best Digital Marketing Agencies Are Experts at Becoming Experts

Choosing the right digital marketing agency to work with your small business isn’t about finding the company who has experience in your industry. It’s about finding the creatives who thoughtfully highlight and leverage your business’s uniqueness to beat out your competition. Embrace What Makes Your Business Your Business The best digital marketing agencies to work with aren’t the ones with …

Use Media Queries to Develop Mobile-First Responsive Websites

How to Use Media Queries to Develop Responsive Mobile-First CSS Stylesheets

Want to know how to use media queries to develop responsive mobile-first CSS stylesheets? Media queries load CSS styles conditionally based on the size of the current user’s browser. Media queries aren’t new to CSS, but there’s still a lot of website developers doing them wrong when their goal is mobile first development. Min-Width vs. Max-Width Media Queries Max-width media …

Neon sign Go up and never stop

Top 5 Easy On-Site SEO Boosters You Can Do Right Now

Boosting on-site SEO is one of the easiest ways to boost your natural search engine rankings. Essentially, if you look respectable then you’re going to seem respectable. It’s simple search engine psychology 101.

BEM - block element modifier, object-oriented CSS

How BEM benefits a front-end web developer

BEM seems to be all the rage for front-end developers working with CSS. At least, I’ve been CSS’ing with BEM on every project I’ve worked on since 2016. OOP Organizational Structure for CSS BEM is an organizational syntax, but it’s also a methodology. There’s no one right way to BEM your stylesheet code, but there are definitely ways that are better …