Simple Weather App Created in React

by | March 10, 2021 | Javascript, React, Website Development

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Last updated on: February 7, 2023

I’ve coded a simple weather app using React. Pretty cool, right?

The React app hooks into a free weather API from Open Weather ( and lets you search for the current weather conditions in a given location. Inspiration for this project came from this video tutorial.

What’s the App Do?

Well, it tells you the current weather conditions.

When you search for a specific location — the app returns the city name, country, date, and current temperature. You can see the temperature (in Fahrenheit) and what the skies are like (sunny, clouds, rain, etc.).

Also, notice the temperature of the searched location determines the app’s background image. When you change locations the background image changes, too. If the temperature is above 50F, the image shows a sunny sky. If the temperature is below 50F the background shows show covered pine trees.

It’s a neat proof of concept demonstrating the power of React, (React) states, and events.

Try the Demo

Want to try the weather app? Click here to try the demo.

(type a city into the search box and press enter/return)

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