Yale Cordage

Website Development, Support, and Maintenance

Yale Cordage Fortis2 landing page


Yale Cordage is one of the more interesting clients I’ve worked with. They’re a rope-product (aka “cordage”) manufacturing company located in southern Maine. During my time working as a web developer with the digital marketing agency servicing this client, I was tasked with updating and maintaining their existing website, as well as developing newly designed pages (like the one  I’ve featured here) as the look and feel of their website was incrementally modernized.

Mobile-Responsive Design.

Every new piece of website I developed for this client was mobile-responsive and coded to look great on all screen sizes and devices. The landing page established product recognition, benefits, supporting data, and clear next steps for interested prospective customers to take — contacting the business.

Yale Cordage Fortis2 landing page
Yale Cordage Fortis2

Result-Driven Marketing.

As part of the website redesign effort, paid advertising campaigns were bringing in lots of new visitors to the landing page. Measuring campaign results as proof the advertising was working was important.

I worked with my team to set up event tracking (i.e. click tracking) to measure results, so we could measure the client’s return on ad spend (ROAS) and determine the average cost of acquiring a new customer (CAC) through digital advertising.

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