Small Business Website WordPress Wireframes.


Wireframing is often an essential part of website project planning. The ability to quickly create low-fidelity mockups afford you an opportunity to visualize a website’s look and feel before committing time, money, and effort into creating polished assets. Knowing how a website should look and determining the assets a product needs ahead of production is proactive planning.

Well-planned wireframing speeds up project delivery. Defining scope and identifying resource requirements allows teams of web designers, developers, copy writers, and other stakeholders to work in tandem. It adds foresight and agility to an otherwise waterfall-style process. These asynchronous efforts result in reduced friction and increased throughput without stretching timelines or battling unexpected scope-creep.

The following set of images are low-fidelity wireframes including mockups for web pages such as home, about, projects, services, and pricing. As a case study, these are a typical representation of the requirements for many small business website projects.

[dipl_masonry_gallery image_ids=”21621,21622,21623,21624,21625,21626,21627,21628″ number_of_columns=”5″ enable_lightbox=”on” _builder_version=”4.19.4″ _module_preset=”default” box_shadow_style_image=”preset2″ global_colors_info=”{}”][/dipl_masonry_gallery]

My solution.

I use wireframing to help clients feel confident about the websites they’re getting. Low-fidelity mockups help set expectations upfront while defining a creative roadmap for producing a finished product, creative assets, and other deliverables. 

Project Definitions

Wireframes provide a visual roadmap of a project’s goals and requirements.

Project Expectations

Wireframes help with setting clear expectations of a project for all the stakeholders.

Project Deliverables

A well-defined project with clear expectations increases confidence in the finished product. 


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