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Landscaping Company WordPress Website Designs.

Landscaping company website design

Website design is a tool for leading customers towards a desired action. It’s art, that by design is also functional and with purpose.

Landscaping website page layouts

Mockups — Visually approve every stunning aspect of your website before developing it.


Tell stories while directing the reader’s eyes  — encourage action and further your conversation.

landscaping and gardening
Landscape website iconography


Create cohesive connections between content. Help customers quickly identify what they’re looking for.

Color and Typography

Match your website to your company’s branding. Logos, colors, and fonts let customers know they’ve found you.

Website color and typography
Responsive landscape website design

Mobile Friendly Layouts

Responsive website designs are ready for any size screen or device. Content fluidly adapts to available space.


This project highlights potential website design mockups and comps for a local landscaping business. It’s purpose is showing possibilities of the finished website’s architecture and page design including menus, graphics, icons, headlines and body copy, full-page layouts, logos, hero sections, and all of the elements approved for the site. The site’s design features multiple pages, layouts, content sections, features, and infinite ways of combining elements to create a truly unique design. At this point, the website designs you see are the website you’re going to get.

Whereas wireframes are a quick means of graphically conveying initial concepts and slushy guidelines, high-fidelity website design mockups showcase a polished result.

This particular set of designs is an example of customizing a WordPress themeWordPress themes are preassembled collections of templates. Creating a unique look and feel of your site is achieved through customizing the theme’s templates. Leveraging pre-built themes often saves on overall development costs by speeding up the prototyping process because most of the design’s details and content areas are already coded. The remaining customization is simple copy writing, selecting graphics, and entering your own unique content.

Regardless of whether you’re using a pre-built theme or building your website from scratch, planning with designs first can be extremely beneficial. Designs are like a blueprint for your website. Defined detail affords opportunities for visualizing, composing, and organizing assets and content to get everything “just right” before embarking on the arduous journey of website development.



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