Website Design

Website Design.


This project illustrates a responsive one-page website design I created for a faux pool cleaning company called Scrubadub Pool Cleaners. A one-page website is well-suited for startups, local businesses, freelancers, contractors or any business needing an all-inclusive online presence for sharing important information with customers that’s also simple to update and maintain.

Responsive website design means the website’s layout adapts to fit any size screen or device. Typically, there are 2-3 defined adaptive-widths known as breakpoints. Breakpoints are pre-determined widths where layouts intuitively shift to fit the current browser window. Between breaks, the layout fluidly adjusts to best make use of available space. 

Responsive Website Designs

My solution.

A responsive mobile friendly design ensures customers enjoy a quality browsing experience regardless of how they’re accessing the company’s website.

There are 3 breakpoints. Each range creates a unique viewing experience for mobile, tablet, and desktop sized browsers. Between each range, the flexible layout expands and contracts to maximize the available on-screen real estate.


Desktop Layout

Tablet Layout

Mobile Layout

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