Animal Welfare Society

Website Development, Support, and Maintenance

Animal Welfare Society of Kennebunk, Maine website mockup


Working with the Animal Welfare Society of Kennebunk, Maine was one of my favorite website projects — who doesn’t love adorable animals, right? A lot of the site had already been developed by the time I came on board, but I’m honored to have been tasked with finishing it off, smoothing it out, and keeping it updated and maintained.

The project focused on using bright colors and large pictures to create emotion and allow the client to tell stories that would help more adoptable pets find their forever homes.

As part of the marketing agency servicing this client, my goal was to take those directives and continue developing the website in a way that was mobile-friendly, intuitive for visitors to navigate, and easy for the client to use and update themselves.

Home Page Features

For the homepage, I helped develop a responsive featured post slider and a randomized latest news section. Using these features, the client was able to share important news with their customers.

The featured post slider was a full-width carousel filled with articles of their choosing.

The randomized latest news section presented their latest articles in random positions with random colors and varying image sizes to help give the homepage the feeling that it was always fresh and new. The constant change helped encourage visitors to continue checking-in again and again.

Animal Welfare Society of Kennebunk, Maine website home page
Animal Welfare Society of Kennebunk, Maine pet adoption page

Internal Page Features

The most notable features of the website’s internal pages included custom post queries and the ability to filter and sort adoptable pets.

I helped to develop custom database queries to display available pets, recently adopted pets, coming soon pets, and pets featured at off-site adoption events. We wanted to show off available pets, as well as allow customers to share photos of their recently adopted pets for a specific amount of time after their rescue.

The sorting mechanism provided customers the ability to narrow  results down to exactly the type of animal they wanted by leveraging post categories, tags, and custom field values.

The rest of the website is relatively standard content. You’ll find static informational pages, team and staff directories, an events calendar, contact forms, and ways to donate.



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