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Lucas Tree

Lucas Tree Arborist Jobs Landing Page

Lucas Tree — (formerly: lucastree.com/arboristjobs) —is a visually stimulating landing page for job seekers searching for regional arborist jobs.


This WordPress landing page project was an accompaniment to a targeted digital marketing campaign.

As a developer at Industrium — the marketing and PR agency serving Focus Maine — my role was to create the landing page within Lucas Tree’s existing WordPress site. I turned a static Photoshop design file into a fully-responsive web page complete with animation, career management software API integration, and click tracking analytics. I hand-crafted the UI/UX to create an engaging user experience and promote the company’s brand standards and stylistic integrity.

New Features

The Arborist Careers landing page for Lucas Tree was a really cool project with unique integration features that included:

  • Fully responsive website
  • WordPress integration
  • Newton Career Management API Integration
  • Google Analytics  and Click Tracking
  • CSS3 Animation and Scroll Events


Lucas Tree was able to help more prospective job seekers find employment and ultimately do more business.

The landing page was the final destination of a competitive targeted digital marketing campaign. It provided continuity between the advertising messaging and the website visitors landed on, integrated in real time with Lucas Tree’s job listings software, and tracked the website’s visits and clicks allowing the company to know the marketing was working, as well as how well it was working. It provided tangible value and visible results.