Portfolio Work

View samples of my website development work.

Here are a few website development projects I can share with you. These websites showcase some of my web development skills including HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, photography, content creation, social media, and website design.

  1. Flipping Funk (eBay Store)
  2. Preowned Hats (eBay Store)
  3. AMZNBTN (Affiliate Product and Review Site)
  4. Sherwood Stocks (RobinHood App Affiliate / Stock Trading Site)
  5. Headless Website (Concept: Laravel 8 PHP + ReactJS + WordPress)
  6. Headless Blog (Concept: NextJS + WordPress + Vercel)
  7. Contact Form Using Formspree + ReactJS/NextJS (Software as a solution)
  8. Contact Form Using Nodemailer + ReactJS/NextJS + GoDaddy SMTP (DIY, can use web host with limits or Gmail)

Try Me, Hire Me, Say Hello

Try me out on Fiverr - I have a gig for custom WordPress enhancements (affiliate link).

If you're ready to start a project together send me hello.

Digital Marketing Agency Work

I've been around the website development block. Working at, for, and with a handful of internationally known digital marketing agencies, I have built websites to help grow brands, companies, and organizations across many different industries - locally, nationally, and around the globe. My successful projects range from small neighborhood restaurants to state-level government services, regional banks, national publishers, university programs, global retail distributors, and all the way to publicly traded corporations.

  • Level8 Design Studio (web developer)
  • Kemp Goldberg Partners (aka Industrium) (interactive web developer)
  • Portland Webworks (front-end web developer)
  • Bytes.co (aka Burlington Bytes) (digital marketing sales)

Click here to see some of my past agency website development work via the Internet Wayback Machine's archive of my website and explore a few brands I've supported.

Agency Project Samples

The following is a sampling of website development projects I have worked on as a developer under the umbrellas of the digital marketing agencies mentioned above..