WordPress Website Design and Development, Search Engine Discoverability, and Digital Marketing Services from Southern Maine

I offer a unique blend of WordPress website design and development services, search engine discoverability enhancements, and creative digital marketing solutions aimed at helping personal brands and local small business owners move forward with achieving ambitious online business goals. Success is not an accident.

Get found more online. Land more customers. Do more business.

WP Website Solutions

Get your business online and make your website work for you.

WordPress website services and solutions include, but are never limited to:

  • Design and Development
  • Web Hosting and Domain Registration
  • Branding and Rebranding
  • Content Creation and Management
  • Custom Website Features and Integrations
  • Website Error Fixing and Troubleshooting
  • UI/UX – Mobility, Web Browser
  • UI/UX User-Experience / Flow Testing
  • In-person WordPress Instructional Sessions

Let’s Get Started

Digital Marketing Solutions

Help more people discover your business online.

Digital marketing solutions include, but are never limited to:

  • Targeted Digital Advertising Solutions
  • Digital Advertising Campaign Optimization
  • Organic Discoverability Enhancements
  • Content Marketing Solutions
  • Blogging and Copywriting Services
  • Customer Journey Optimization
  • Social Media Profiles and Content Strategies
  • In-person Marketing Consultations

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Graphics and Branding Solutions

You do you — and look good doing it.

Graphic design and branding solutions include, but are never limited to:

  • Advertising Banners and Graphics
  • Website Designs & Graphics
  • Business and Brand Logos
  • Landing Page Design
  • Custom Website Icons
  • Blog Images
  • Photography (local within a stone’s throw)
  • Brand Consistency Digital Presence Updates

Let’s Get Artsy

Other Services

Need something else? If it’s website or digital marketing related I can often accommodate your needs — or at least point you in a good direction. Ask questions if you’ve got ’em.

Why Choose Me?

I’m a solopreneur playing for the love of the game.

When you have digital problems I want to solve them. My clients aren’t stepping stones on my way to a mountain top. And my client circle is small, so when you’re in it you’re a priority — never an afterthought.

There’s no big company or fancy pants office here — I’m a local small-town business owner doing what I love— crafting websites while being as helpful as possible in as many ways as I can.

Call, text, email, video conference — morning, noon, nights, and weekends. I show up when you need me.

10+ Years of Proven Results

Time tested by 10+ years of providing exceptional results for many of Southern Maine’s premier digital marketing and PR agencies and their clients – and nearly 20 years of fine-tuning my craft – I’m making professional-quality digital marketing solutions affordable and directly available.

Networked Professional Leverage

If I don’t do what you need then I know someone we can leverage from my professional network who does — someone who “gets” it.

Solutions That Fit Your Business

Get tailored website solutions made to fit your business and your budget.

There’s no middle man or agency overhead – just one small business owner helping others. I’m fast, efficient, and overly helpful.

Don’t Settle for Cookie Cutter

Your story is unique and I believe your website and digital marketing solutions should be too.