How to Make Money Online from Your Small Business’ Website

Using your business’ website and online presence as a tool for generating profits is the point of having a website and an online presence, if you ask me. You don’t spend the work day gazing at your navel because it’s a waste of time, right? Why then are you wasting time with your website, social media, and digital advertising if it’s not making you money?


Do you even know if your website is making money? Are you using analytics? Heat maps? Do you even have data about your own online operations?

Analytic Data Provides Actionable Business Insights

Analytic data provides valuable, easy to read, business insights to someone who understands how the dots are connected. That’s where a digital marketing team can come in handy. You hire an interpreter to conduct business with a non-English speaking company, right? If data is a different language to you then you should find an interpreter for that too.

Digital Marketers Speak Fluent Data

Digital marketers translate data insights into actionable ideas and implementations. Advanced technology like Google Analytics and Hot Jar help map how your visitors interact with your website. Educated observations based on your own real-time data lead to achieving better results.

Short- and Long-Term Scalable Growth Strategies Provide the Best Results for Growing Businesses Online

The best way to make money online using your website is by combining short-term and long-term data-driven growth strategies. Regular monitoring and continual optimization of your campaigns can keep your marketing budget from ballooning unnecessarily. The strategic mix of immediate and prolonged growth structures provides a blueprint for a sustainably profitable business venture.

SEO is Continuous Long-Term Growth Strategy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is your best bet for a cost-effective, tried and true, long-term online growth approach. Optimizing your website for search engines ensures search engines know you exist, so they can show you to potential customers who are searching for terms and services related to your business at the very moment they are searching for them.

SEO is a long-term strategy because it takes time for your content to be indexed, found, and used. If you think about your website as an extension of your physical business you can understand that not all of your customers are going to show up and buy at exactly the same time. People tend to purchase things when they have a need for them. Being there when they have that need is what you’re aiming for by continually implementing an effective SEO plan.

Digital Marketing is a Versatile Cost-Effective Way to Supplement SEO

Digital marketing often called paid online advertising, is your short-term strategy. Paid advertising has the benefit of being 1) immediately effective and 2) transparently trackable.

Since SEO takes time to show results, launching thoughtfully targeted digital advertising campaigns is an extremely effective way to supplement the waiting period.

Continually Optimizing Digital Ad Campaigns Keeps Your Business at Its Most Profitable

Ideologically, the longer you continually optimize your digital marketing campaigns the more you can lower your average cost per acquiring a new customer. Essentially, the better you are at turning data insights into actions, the more return you can create off the same amount of investment from your digital advertising budget.

Digital Marketing is Scalable for Maximizing ROI

Many small business owners who practice SEO and pay for digital advertising choose to end their digital advertising campaigns once the SEO has taken effect. The reason is that their businesses ability to effectively service customers is capped either by geographical restraints or lack of physical labor and resources.

Ad Budgets are Irrelevant when You’re Ad’s Making Money

But, who cares what you’re spending on digital marketing like AdWords if it’s making you profit?

If you can handle the sales and your targeted digital advertising campaigns are converting at a profitable rate then it doesn’t matter if you’re spending a million dollars a month. When everything you spend is coming back green, as a positive return on your investment, you can afford to scale up your business in accordance with the basic principles of supply and demand.

Continually optimizing your advertising campaigns to keep your cost per customer acquisition at a minimum is the key to continued sustainability and online success. Losing track or neglecting your digital ads is an easy way for your budget to balloon and for wasting money on unqualified web traffic.

As long as you’re being thoughtful and executing your strategy at a high level, it’s hard to lose.

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