How to Get More Better People Visiting Your Website

How do you get more better people visiting your website?

I have a t-shirt that says “I’m a web developer. I solve problems you don’t know you have in ways you can’t understand.” I know it’s pretentious, but it applies here 80% of the time. Whether or not you know it, your website has no reason to exist if no one is looking at it or the wrong people are looking at it.

…and why you’d want an expensive digital business card rather than an extremely profitable business generating tool that works tirelessly for you, day and night, 24hours, 365days per year is beyond me…

How do you give your website a purpose?

The solution for giving your website a purpose is simpler than you’d think.

Get more people to go there and give them a reason to feel happy they came.

Provide more opportunities for the people you want to visit you to do so.

Find People Interested in Your Business

People type all kinds of things into Google. People are 100% absolutely typing in things related to your business. All you need to do to find them is try to have those same things they’re typing into Google as things you’ve written on your website. You want to create awareness and interest by being relevant and being everywhere.

Grow Your Business’ Target Audience

You can grow your business’ target audience by publishing more frequently. It’s a solid strategy if you’re having trouble reaching people organically. It’s all about providing opportunities. You can’t catch flies with your mouth closed.

Increase awareness and interest by continually adding well-aligned, quality, relative content to your website.

Educate people looking for information and capture the interest of the people who are actually going to benefit from your products or services. Once you’ve added value and qualified yourself as a viable solution to a potential customers problem you can use targeted digital remarketing to stay top-of-mind, following those people around the internet, until they decide it’s time to buy. Fulfill on anticipated desire utilizing intent based insights from your website’s analytic data.

Basically, be the spider and invite all the flies to your parlor.

It’s not rocket science. It’s data science.

Marketing 101 says if you’re earning more money than you’re spending on your ad budget then you’re doing it right.

Once your business is doing marketing right you can benchmark a profitable baseline. From there on out you can split-test campaign ideas to on-goinginly create a more cost-optimized campaign, systematically growing your marketing’s advertising ROI.

Continually Increasing Marketing ROI through Thoughtfullness

Continually optimizing digital advertising campaigns is a way of continually increasing your ROI.

Thoughtfully constructed marketing systems can afford you the opportunity to scale up or down as necessary. Think about how beneficial that could be if your business was limited by your time – like if you were a craftsman or a blue-collar owner-operator service provider. If man hours are limiting your output then scaling up too much too fast could cripple your business. In that case, lowering your advertising budget and maintaining a steady amount of customer flow is a wiser decision.

Optimizing your campaign for that type of business model will allow you to maintain a steady pipeline of new customers for a continually lowered marketing budget. Maintaining a steady spend on advertising would instead result in a continually increased amount of business.

Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots!

How do you get more shots to win?

Essentially, you do two things:

  • Add more better content containing words closely aligned with what you know people are looking for when they type things related to your industry into a search engine like Google
  • Create more links on other popular websites related to your industry that let people click from that site to your site

How do people get to a website?

For all intents and purposes, there’s 2 ways people who don’t already know you get to your website. From a link or from a search engine.

When someone’s coming from a search engine, they’re typing a question into Google (or Bing, Yahoo, MSN, etc.). The search engine returns a set of search engine results pages they have qualified as being the most aligned and highly appreciated web pages that they have sent people to who have previously searched the same query. If your page’s content delivers a high-quality answer, aligned with what people assumedly typed into the search engine, then you’re giving yourself the best chance to rank higher in searches, as well as for ranking in a larger volume of searches.

When someone’s coming from a link it’s because you’re showing up on another site where they’re spending time.

In either case, the underying thing you’re doing is positioning yourself in front of people who are already interested in you. Showing up in a direct search is a more intent-based approach, but both methods of getting in front of people will result in more qualified customers for you because you know you’re only showing up because they’re somewhere where people who are interested in you are.

If you’re in Venice, Florida then there’s no point in messing around with people looking for Venice, Italy, right?

That’s why attracting higher-qualified visitors to your website is going to increase your opportunity to monetize from their visits – whether you’re selling a product, service, or advertising.

10 Chances to Make Money Are Good, but 11 Chances is Better

Imagine your goal was to get in front of 10 customers per day.

It’s awesome if you do that because you’ve gotten in front of 10 customers and reached your goal, but what if you had extra time and one day you could get in front of 11 customers. Or 12. Or 13? It’s like that famous Wayne Gretzky quote about missing 100% of the shots you don’t take.

The Point of Business is to Make Money

If the point of your business is making money then it makes sense that you can increase your earnings by increasing your opportunities to sell. Imagine your close rate is 20%. You sell something to 2 out of every 10 people you talk to. Want to make twice as much money today? Talk to twice as many people.

The same principles apply to your website. Want it to sell twice as many things of yours? Send twice as many people out there.

Websites Are All-Star Employees

The most beneficial part of your website is that it doesn’t sleep, take holidays, or show up late to work. It never asks for a raise. It never does anything you didn’t ask for. If your website is set up the right way you might as well take a picture and permanently place it under the “employee of the month” sign in your company break room.

Remember Your Website is an Island

On its own, your website is an island. It might be tropical, but you can’t sail a boat through the internet yet.

Build Bridges or Go Home

You might love your website, but people can’t love it with you if you’re not creating in-bound ways for them to get there. Build bridges to your website or you might as well close up shop, save your hosting money, and go home because you’re not cut out for business

The Internet is Forever and so is Your Content

Everything you do counts.

Creating more better content and building more inbound links to your website is a sustainable long-term way to guarantee you’re taking all the shots and helping interested visitors join you on your island (and it’s probably a really great island). You can’t conquer the entire internet at once, but the internet is forever and so is your content.

To reiterate, everything you do counts and there’s no better time to take action than now.