GoDaddy Shared Hosting is a Honey Pot for WordPress Hackers

Every business I have ever worked with who has been using a WordPress website on GoDaddy shared hosting plans has dealt with a hacked website. I, myself, included. It’s disgusting and nefarious, but it’s not your fault and the good news is that if your WordPress website has been hacked and infiltrated by bad guys it can be fixed.

There are ethically bunk people out there who scan ports and publicly available IP addresses belonging to the servers your websites are hosted on. Penetration testing lets them find paths to unprotected directories in locations with logically guessable names and then run scans and infiltration on unprotected files in your WordPress installation until your site is no longer your site.

The best thing you can do for your WP website is harden your security. Making sure your files and directories have the correct file permissions is a great place to start hardening your website. But, don’t stop there.

Website security is a multi-layer strategy. Hackers don’t stop at the first attempt to gain access. If your front door is closed they’re going to try the back. Open ports, insecure directories, unprotected login forms, incorrect file permissions, and out-of-date plugins are just a few places hackers look for entry points.

To protect your GoDaddy hosted WP site, make sure you’re keeping everything up to date and following industry best practices for practical WordPress website security measures. Get a free security plugin like WordFence or WP Security Plugin and monitor all the logs and updates they produce. Stay on top of security or security’s going to fall in your lap whether you like it or not.