What’s So Great About WordPress Websites for Local Small Businesses?

by | November 13, 2020 | Website Development

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What’s so great about WordPress websites for local small businesses? They’re easy to install, simpler to extend and augment, have excellent community developer support due to the massive adoption and exponentially growing market share, are completely customizable – offering total control over content and design – will stand the test of time, and typically cost less to maintain than other comparable content management systems (CMS) like Drupal. WordPress is good for business.

Using WordPress as your CMS has its advantages.

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to maintain
  • Simple to extend & integrate
  • Fully customizable
  • Relatively less expensive to support
  • Set up for scalability

A WordPress website can be everything you need. It can be fast, secure, functional, seamlessly integrated with most 3rd party applications, aesthetically beautiful, and offer genuinely excellent user-experiences.

WordPress might seem like overkill at first. Why would a small or new business need a does-it-all soup to nuts CMS like WordPress? Wouldn’t a simple website built by the neighbor’s kid work just as well? All you need is your name, logo, phone number, and a contact form, right?

One way of looking at it is that using WordPress right out of the gate sets you up for scalability. You can make a WordPress site as small and simple as you want. When you’re ready to add functionality or new sections of content to the site WordPress lets you do it in an easy and simple manner without having to call your marketing agency (most of the time).

Growth and expansion are two departments where WordPress shines.

It’s easy to get the look and feel you’re after for your website and digital branding. There are thousands upon thousands of prebuilt fully customizable WordPress starter themes and page templates available online for free. Finding a well-built theme with all (or most) of the functionality you want can be a huge time and budget saver. Customizing a design that’s close, but not quite perfect, is usually much faster than creating an entire website design from scratch.

Adding functionality is a cinch with WordPress plugins. Like themes and templates, there are thousands upon thousands of WordPress plugins available for free, as well as thousands more premium plugins available for a price. There’s almost never a situation where you’ll want to add functionality to a WordPress site and a plugin doesn’t already exist for it. Common WordPress code development stands and dynamic plugin updates help to keep plugins customizable and extendable, too.

Working with developers is less expensive. The incredibly massive amount of people using WordPress to power websites means there’s an equally incredibly massive amount of people who know how to use and develop with WordPress. The supply and demand of experienced developers to people looking for WordPress development help is leveled in a way that developers can’t charge exorbitant fees unless they’re doing extremely specialized work because there are hundreds of other capable coders who would gladly do the work for a competitive rate.

Search engine optimization is baked in. SEO is an ongoing uphill battle, but most quality WordPress themes come with a decent level of on-site search engine optimization tactics by design. It takes a lot of the guesswork out for you. In addition, there are several trusted SEO WordPress plugins that can quickly increase the quality of a WordPress site’s SEO ranking.

Advertising campaigns integrate seamlessly. Whether you’re advertising on your website or using advertising to direct traffic to your website there are plugins and features to help make your marketing campaigns more seamless, more integrated, and more successful. 

Analytic data monitoring comes at the click of a button. Seriously, there’s a plugin for that. Actually, there’s a lot of plugins that integrate analytic software (like Google Analytics). In the simplest form, you can click a button to install a plugin, enter a Google Analytics site ID, and click another button to save the settings and activate website data monitoring.

Content management is code-free. Anyone can be a content creator. You don’t need to know code to write a blog article, add products to a store page, or create new links in the main menu. WordPress makes creating, maintaining and revising content a breeze. Build your business brick by brick with your own hands.

There may be bloat. For sure, there will be features of WordPress that aren’t used by every site using WordPress – some extra bells and whistles that allow the framework to be so dynamically flexible and universally malleable. For a non-technical non-web developer who’s too busy running a business to spend nights and weekends learning how to code dynamic PHP websites WordPress is a godsend. And, you’ll always be able to find good developer help when you need it.

What’s so great about WordPress? Basically everything. Out of the box, it just works. If you need a website for your business or your business needs a new website you should definitely look to WordPress.

Need help with setting up WordPress or updating a WordPress website? Consult a professional WordPress developer or Digital Marketing Agency specializing in WordPress development for guidance and advice.

Floyd Hartford is a website developer from southern Maine. He's focused on creating and building WordPress websites and loves spending time digging into code like HTML, CSS, scss, jQuery, PHP, and MySQL.


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