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Website Design Concept Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

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Website Design Concept titled: “Whisky Tango Foxtrot”

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is website design concept art created by me.

Website Design Concept Details

This web design concept art is a dark-colored website layout — with a fox. Pretty cool, right?

The design features shades of grays and fox-themed graphics. I’ve used SVG vector graphics and transparent PNGs for a crisp clean style. A call-to-action button allows visitors to RSVP for an event. The web design is themed with a cartoon-ish sly orange fox graphic tying into the idea of a “fox trot” as the title of the faux 5K charity fun-run event the design is mocked up for.

Features and Functionality

Implied functionality is baked into the website’s design.

  • mobile-friendly for faster loading
  • responsive website design to fit any screen size
  • smooth scrolling between vertical content sections
  • flexible navigation to suit different needs
  • social media integration to help clients connect
  • call to action button to guide customer journeys
  • SVG graphics for crisp clean visuals

Web Design Inspiration

I wanted to create a dark themed layout for my fun-animal-themed website design concepts. I knew laying down a black layout would look cool and applying a deep orange as the highlight color really makes the design it pop. From there, I turned an orange fox into a fox trot, into a sly play on words for the concept’s copy writing, and a charity 5K fun-run event website.

As such, I’ve invented a hypothetical charity event (or non-profit) websiteWhiskey Tango Foxtrot” to populate the design, giving this conceptual website a more realistic look and feel.

Potential Applications

I envision this website design making a great impression for any local business or upcoming event. As is, I think it’s perfectly positioned for a charity or non-profit organization. Or with a few tweaks you could re-purpose the design by swapping out the graphics and content to reflect your specific needs.

Use it as a home page, business card, splash or landing page — with or without ecommerce aspects or membership areas — a single page application (SPA), or for building out for a full-blown multi-page website.

This conceptual website has fun colors that pop and affords unique opportunities for personalized branding, look, and feel like modifying the call-to-action to encourage membership signups, event registration, mailing list subscriptions or anything your company wants to prioritize as an objective.

This website design is flexible. The current visual representation is simply a muse for your inspiration, as the possibilities are endless.

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