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Website Design Concept “Fuzzy Wonder Effervescent Plum”

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Website Design Concept titled: “Fuzzy Wonder — Effervescent Plum”

Fuzzy Wonder — Effervescent Plum is concept art for a potential website design project.

Website Design Concept Details

This web design concept art is a fun and colorful website layout.

The design features purple and orange gradients, vector graphics, a call to action buttons. It’s themed with fantastical tiger graphics of a psychedelic-like nature. And, visually pops.

Implied functionality is overflowing in Fuzzy Wonder’s loaded design. I organized it for responsive mobile-friendliness, used SVG logos to ensure branding is always crisp, and added navigational dots for smooth scrolling between content. User account access, search, and navigational items are prominently visible in the site’s header. And, call to action buttons let the user know what to do once they’re on the page.

All together, it’s pretty cool, right? Welcome to the jungle.

Web Design Inspiration

David Attenborough’s Netflix documentary entitled Life in Color inspired the design. Life in Color is a film exploring nature from a fresh perspective, as animals use color to survive and thrive in the wild.

Potential Applications

Live in the wild, Fuzzy Wonder could make a fierce splash or landing page for a documentary, film, or book, or product website. You could use it as a home page, a landing page — with or without ecommerce aspects — a single page application (SPA), or for building out for a full-blown multi-page website.

As is, it’s ready to encourage visitors to view a video trailer — such as a product preview or movie teaser.

Easily repurpose the “watch now” CTA. Switch it up to encourage membership signups, event registration, mailing list subscriptions or anything your imagination comes up with.

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