Website Design concept art titled Central City Pub Crawl

Website Design Concept Central City Pub Crawl

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Website Design Concept titled: “Central City Pub Crawl”

Central City Pub Crawl — The Slow and Steady Pub Crawl is concept art I’ve created for any potential website design project.

Website Design Concept Details

This web design concept art is a feisty green-colored website layout.

The design features green gradients and subtle patterns. I’ve used SVG vector graphics and transparent PNGs for a crisp clean layout. There’s a call to action button for customers to register for events. It’s themed with an illustrated running turtle graphic encouraging visitors to explore local pubs and eateries at a reasonable pace.

Implied functionality is baked into the Central City Pub Crawl design.

Features and Functionality

  • mobile-friendly
  • responsive website design
  • smooth scrolling
  • flexible navigation
  • social media integration
  • call to action button
  • SVG graphics

All together, it’s pretty cool, right? Slow and steady wins the race.

Web Design Inspiration

Lately, I’ve been creating these colorful animal themed website designs. I wanted to create a green colored layout and the color green makes me think of turtles.

From there, I combined a carefully selected running-turtle graphic with some cheeky word play. I thought, turtles “crawl” — which plays nice with the running turtle hero image — and “slow and steady wins the race” which felt like a responsible slogan for a faux brewery tour company. As such, I’ve invented a hypothetical pub crawling business “Central City Pub Crawl” to populate the design (instead of your typical lorem ipsum placeholder text) to give this website concept a more realistic look and feel.

Potential Applications

In theory, Central City Pub Crawl could make an excellent website for any local business or upcoming event. Especially a business or event with a turtle motif. Fully decked out, this website design concept is a turnkey solution for local pub crawls, a brewery tour, beer bus, or brew cruise — or re-purpose the layout and swap the graphics and text to be more relevant to your specific needs.

Use it as a home page, business card, splash or landing page — with or without ecommerce aspects — a single page application (SPA), or for building out for a full-blown multi-page website. It’s got really fun colors that pop and would make for interesting and unique branding opportunities.

Easily reword the “Register” call-to-action button. Switch it up to encourage membership signups, event registration, mailing list subscriptions or anything your creative brain can imagine.

This website design is versatile — the current representation is simply a muse for your inspiration, as the possibilities are infinite.

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