Live Cart for WooCommerce

Speed Up WooCommerce Shopping Cart for WordPress with Live Cart from WP Engine

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Speed up your WordPress WooCommerce shopping cart using Live Cart from WP Engine.

Live Cart makes real-time updates to the cart for each visitor without dragging down performance. By leveraging the cache to keep cart data accurate, it eliminates extra calls on pages not using the cart, giving you the best of both worlds. Live Cart eliminates the lag caused by cart fragments without breaking dynamic cart totals and product count.

What does this mean for WooCommerce stores?

Your WordPress WooCommerce pages can load up to 1.5 seconds faster and allow you to sell to more concurrent shoppers without losing connection during high-traffic sales events — like Black Friday or Cyber Monday Weekend. A faster, more stable connection means more sales for your business.

WP Engine — the creators of Live Cart for WooCommerce — say this is only the latest development in their eCommerce platform which is exciting because their web hosting for WordPress is already top-notch.

WP Engine’s eCommerce Plan Benefits

With WP Engine’s eCommerce plans you get:

  • Performance-optimized virtual machines with dedicated resources
  • EverCache for WooCommerce that serves up to 90% more store pages cached
  • Award-winning 24/7/365 premium support & onboarding
  • Instant Store Search, Smart Plugin Manager, and Genesis Pro eCommerce Block Editor
  • APM & Smart Scale Options available
  • 60-day money back guarantee

Learn more about WP Engine eCommerce plans with Live Cart and start increasing your profits today.

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