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Product Placement Promotional Advertising Website

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I created a product placement promotional advertising website.

One day, I was thinking to myself how you can purchase almost everything online from Amazon. In fact, many people out there in the world already do purchase everything from Amazon. I was imagining if there was a button for that – an AMZNBTN.

At its core, the website is a content management system to model and display Amazon products. Through search engine optimization techniques, unique content, and custom display layouts I’m able to attract new people looking for specific items for solving specific problems and reroute them accordingly through a pathway of affiliate links. It leverages text, images, videos, quotes, reviews, and more to stand out from the crowd while fitting into the framework.

It’s loosely based on the idea of The concept is similar except this one is mine and customized to fit my needs and personal data-entry-preferences.

Conceptually, the website is meant to be an indexed collection of individual landing pages for individual products and solutions to problems people may be searching for online.

I named the site AMZNBTN. It’s an amazing button. It’s a button that takes you to Amazon products (usually). And thus, it is AMZNBTN.

Click here to visit

*Are you an Amazon seller looking for places to advertise your Amazon products online? Ask me about marketing opportunities.

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