Website Design concept art titled Central City Pub Crawl

Website Design Concept Central City Pub Crawl

Website Design Concept titled: “Central City Pub Crawl” Central City Pub Crawl — The Slow and Steady Pub Crawl is concept art I’ve created for any potential website design project. Website Design Concept Details This web design concept art is a feisty green-colored website layout. The design features green gradients and subtle patterns. I’ve used SVG vector graphics and transparent PNGs for …

purple tiger website design concept

Website Design Concept “Fuzzy Wonder Effervescent Plum”

Website Design Concept titled: “Fuzzy Wonder — Effervescent Plum” Fuzzy Wonder — Effervescent Plum is concept art for a potential website design project. Website Design Concept Details This web design concept art is a fun and colorful website layout. The design features purple and orange gradients, vector graphics, a call to action buttons. It’s themed with fantastical tiger graphics of …

Ecommerce Website Design

Sapphire Pachyderm Website Design

“Sapphire Pachyderm — Blu Steel” is my latest website design [concept] project. It’s a fun and playful feeling layout, featuring blue hues and themed with elephant graphics. Pictured here, the site is primed with ecommerce features including a shopping cart and shop now buttons. In the wild, Sapphire Pachyderm would make a lovely above-the-scroll section for an online store or …

security lock

How to Password Protect a Website, File, or Directory Using HTPASSWD

Do you want to password protect your entire website, a file, directory, or path on your website? Maybe you want to setup authentication to share content with a client or other authorized user. Or maybe you’re working on a website project that’s not ready to be seen publicly, yet. Regardless, I’ve got a super-duper solution that could be right up …

website favicons on mobile phone

Adding a Custom Favicon to Your Website the Easy Way

Favicons. You might not be familiar with the word, but you’ve definitely seen them. Favicons are those little graphic icons displaying next to a website’s title at the top of your browser in the tabs. If you have a website you can add a custom favicon to it. Favicons help websites stand out, show up, and reflect your brand amongst …

anchored boats

How to Create a Custom WordPress Block the Simple Way That Works 2022

Creating a WordPress block — which you might currently or formerly have referred to as a “Gutenberg Block” — is something I struggled with for a while. I found it difficult to locate a tutorial or how-to-guide that was both comprehensive, started from the very beginning, didn’t get side-tracked with technical-babble, crossed the finish-line, and actually worked in the end. …

Image Gallery

How to Remove Srcset from wp_get_attachment_image() in WordPress

Learn how to remove srcset from wp_get_attachment_image() for WordPress, so you can display consistently sized attachment images every time. wp_get-attachment_image() is WordPress’s built-in function to create an <img /> tag, so you can display a media file on your website. By default, it includes a srcset attribute. A srcset is a set of image sources (i.e. “src set”) used for …

Dynamically Include Page Specific Sidebars in WordPress Page Templates

Dynamically Include Sidebars in WordPress Page Templates for Specific Pages

Obligatory throat clearing… I want to include dynamic sidebars in WordPress page templates. Context When creating a “Page” in WordPress you have the option to assign a page template. Page templates allow you to apply a custom layout to a page. That’s to say, as long as the active theme on your website offers page templates you can apply a …

support small businesses

Add a Free Mailing List Subscription Form Solution for WordPress Websites

In this article, learn how to add a free mailing list subscription form solution to your WordPress website. For nearly 20 years, I’ve been creating high-end marketing websites with low-end development budgets. Aside from time invested, nearly everything I do for myself is initially 99% free until it’s grown enough to cover its own operating costs. Digital landscapes are constantly …

SEO average daily visitors graph

Search Engine Optimization is a Relative Term

SEO is relative to what your goals are and who your audience is. If you don’t know who you want to attract or why you’re trying to attract someone then your online marketing efforts are going to be all for not.