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Is Your Website’s Logo an H1 Header? And Why You Should Change It.

Lots of people — and pre-built website themes — build a website’s home page first and make your site’s logo a site-wide H1-level heading. On any page that is not your homepage — that’s a poor choice. A page’s H1 header needs to reflect the main subject matter of the page it’s on. H1 Logos Are Okay on Your Home …

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Top 5 Easy On-Site SEO Boosters You Can Do Right Now

Boosting on-site SEO is one of the easiest ways to boost your natural search engine rankings. Essentially, if you look respectable then you’re going to seem respectable. It’s simple search engine psychology 101.

How to Increase Discoverability Using Content You Already Have

Internal linking is an idea you should nail down if you’re blogging or otherwise creating content in hopes of being found through search engines like Google or Bing. It’s wicked simple, yet often overlooked — an unturned stone for many brands looking to increase customer engagement levels for their websites. On the Internet your website is your brand, your brand is …

BEM - block element modifier, object-oriented CSS

How BEM benefits a front-end web developer

BEM seems to be all the rage for front-end developers working with CSS. At least, I’ve been CSS’ing with BEM on every project I’ve worked on since 2016. OOP Organizational Structure for CSS BEM is an organizational syntax, but it’s also a methodology. There’s no one right way to BEM your stylesheet code, but there are definitely ways that are better …