Optimizing SEO for Things in Addition to Phrases

Optimizing SEO for Things in Addition to Phrases

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In today’s search engine optimization game the only way to stay on top is to leverage every advantage available to you to the best of your ability.

Optimization in today’s search

Instead of focusing on the top results positions on page one of search engine results pages (SERPS), set goals based on the overall opportunities available on each SERP for your high-value keywords.

  • If the search results for your keyword(s) uses a featured snipped (or you think it might use a featured snippet in the future), target your content to leverage that opportunity. i.e., use subheads, definitions, question-and-answer formats in your content to let Google know you’re ready for the big leagues.
  • If the search results page for your keyword(s) includes a local business aside, make sure your business is verified in Google and can be listed in local maps on top too.
  • If a section for your high-value keywords highlights Google images, focus on visual content.
  • If Google returns video results, create a better video to jump in on that opportunity.

Creating a single content asset to achieve search visibility is no longer enough because even the top position may not offer the level of visibility you need. You now must approach each search result page differently and come up with more tactics to rank in more sections within one set of search results.

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