Headless Content Management for Client Websites

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Headless content management is the golden-ticket for website developers working with non-technical clients.

A headless content management system (CMS) is a content management solution that decouples content editing from the presentational website. Content is added, updated, and managed in one location – usually, in a streamlined interface that’s easy to use and designed especially for content moderation (like WordPress).

Managing code and design happens in a separate location. And, REST APIs provide the content and data from the CMS to the code, so it can be rendered on screen as the final presentational website experience. Content and code are decoupled.

Decoupling code from content has benefits.

One advantage is keeping non-technical content editors out of the code. If you can’t break the code then you can’t break the website.

Another advantage is allowing content and development teams to work on the project at the same time. Less task-interdependency means more work gets done sooner and more projects can be delivered faster.

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