Custom Website for a Niche eBay Store

I created a custom small business website for a niche eBay store.

The store is a standard eBay store. It’s the type that anyone selling things from home might start. The items for sale are a single type of product.

In some ways, creating a niche storefront is simpler than creating a general goods style storefront. Content modeling becomes more specific as data models become more conceptually solidified. Content creation is majorly automated and product details are synced from eBay using the eBay developer API/SDK.

Coupling an eBay store with a storefront outside of eBay provides many benefits and potentials for new business opportunities.

  • Improved online discoverability
  • Additional passive income opportunities
  • Increased sales volume and velocity
  • Automated content creation
  • Complete control over design, structure, and experience
  • Increased ability to compete

I named the store Preowned Hats. I wanted to increase the level of alignedness across the board. It’s a preowned hats store that is called Preowned Hats, displays content about preowned hats, and links to pages and external sites with preowned hats for sale.

Click here to visit Preowned Hats.

Category: Affiliate Marketing