AI Generated Faces

Create Real Emotional Reponses Using Artificially Generated Faces for Digital Marketing Graphics

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Digital marketing leans on creating real emotional responses to help people connect with your advertisements, so you can elicit those people who see your ads into performing a desirable action. Ideally, you want someone to see your ad, feel a certain way, and follow through with a click, share, purchase, sign-up, RSVP, or some other action.

Sometimes, it’s colors, shapes, and perspectives — the imagery — creating the emotional response. Other times it’s your messaging. However, more often than not, it’s a combination of imagery and messaging that helps viewers connect an idea or thought with your vision — the words AND the graphics.

One sure-fire way to help people connect with your messaging is using imagery of other people.

People have an uncanny knack for understanding implied emotional context by looking at someone else’s face and facial expression. Whether the emotional response is happy, sad, angry, elated, or surprised — you can usually tell what someone is conveying by observing what they look like.

So, a simple way to elicit a desired response from your digital marketing efforts is using a photograph of a person with the right look.

Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to get — or create — the right type of person-image for your digital marketing assets, banners, and ads. You don’t need to own a camera or be a photographer. You don’t need model-tier friends with elastic faces. And, the answer isn’t over-used saturated stock photography. Nope — that’s old hat.

Using artificial intelligence, you can create real emotional responses using artificially generated faces for your digital marketing graphics. You can get the right type of person, at the right age, with the right hair-length, glasses, makeup, skin tone, and hair color, looking in the right direction for whatever you need with just a few clicks using Face Generator.

Face Generator has both a free and paid version. The free version requires you to use photo attribution links if you’re using the images commercially, is limited in output size at 512×512 pixels, and doesn’t ship with transparent backgrounds. The paid version does not require attribution, offers hi-res images at a larger size (1024×1024 pixels), and does ship with transparent backgrounds. Either way, AI generated faces are a really cool tool to add to your digital marketing arsenal.

Experiment with the free version of Face Generator to get a feel for it.

Pretty cool, right?

I think it’s a really neat way to create unique advertisements and banner graphics quickly on the fly that can help your audience connect with your messaging.

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