7 Free Static HTML and CSS Website Template Repos for Doing Your Own Website or Landing Page

by | September 21, 2022 | Website Design

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Last updated on: May 15, 2023

Here’s 9 free static website template repos for doing your own website or landing page. There are literally thousands of fully built website templates you can use to create your own website for free. A lot of them look really nice. Some of them already match the type of business website you need to build. All of them can be customized to fit your needs. Pick any of the free website templates and start building your new website today.

Download Free Website Templates

Free static website templates are great solutions for static websites. You could even use a free static website template as a blueprint and hire a website designer that can turn it into a WordPress theme.

In no particular order and without affiliation, this is a list of websites that provide free downloads for HTML+CSS website templates you can use to create your own website. Find a template you like, download it, and swap out the content and images with your own.


TemplateMo: https://templatemo.com/


Free Website Templates: https://freewebsitetemplates.com/


Nice Page: https://nicepage.com/website-templates


Template Monster: https://www.templatemonster.com/free-website-templates/


Boostrap Made (bootstrapmade.com) is a website that offers free website templates that have been made with Bootstrap (i.e. “Boostrap Made”).

Bootstrap Made: https://bootstrapmade.com/free-website-templates/


Mobirise: https://mobirise.com/html-templates/


Free CSS: https://www.free-css.com/free-css-templates

Free Website Template Page Building

Here’s a few thoughts on building a website or web page using a free template.

Use a Code Editor

Use a code editor to customize free website templates. Free static website templates are great if you’re comfortable editing templates in a code editor. Although you can use a simple text editor like Microsoft’s Notepad or Apple’s TextEdit, editing code is a much nicer experience using a free IDE program like Microsoft’s VSCode editor.

Choose a Template that Matches Your Content

Free website templates always look great with great images and dummy content. Do you have or can you create enough of the right type of content to fill out the template? Here’s a few website template decision points to consider before falling in love with the wrong one.

  • Imagine what your photo assets are going to look like in the template before you spend time customizing it. Do your images fit the spaces that need images?
  • If the website template is using a video do you have a video to use?
  • Is your logo the same size as the logo in the free template or is it going to throw the design off?
  • Are you comfortable with the current color scheme or do you need to know some CSS and HTML to make modifications?

Click Test Everything

With free HTML+CSS website templates what you see is what you get, so click everything. Many free static website templates are built on solid foundations like Bootstrap and come fully mobile-friendly with unique and interesting UI/UX interactions using javascript and CSS.

Demo the template if a demo is available. Click on every link, every page, every image. See what everything looks like on both large and small screen sizes. Check out how the menu functions on mobile. Consider whether or not you need to remove any of the templated content or included web pages. Conversely, consider whether you need to replicate or rearrange the templated content or if you need to add any additional web pages. Is the free template going to be too much or to little to handle your website?

Keep it Stupid Simple

If you think you need anything more than a simple static web page then you should consider using a content management system (CMS) like WordPress to do your own website.

In comparison to the free static website templates from the sites listed here, in WordPress free WordPress Themes act as templates for your website. WordPress Themes have WordPress-specific code in them that ties them to the CMS and a database. The free static website templates from the sites here can be converted in to WordPress themes, but aren’t inherently coupled-by-code to a specific CMS or database.

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