2018 Profitable Strategy for Amazon Affiliate Marketers

2018 Profitable Amazon Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Are you an aspiring affiliate marketer looking for a 2018 profitable Amazon affiliate strategy? Profitable strategies are everywhere in 2018, but here’s another simple affiliate marketing strategy you can use to start making money online using Amazon’s affiliate program.

  • Picking the right Amazon affiliate market niche
  • Reverse engineering unsatisfied Amazon customer reviews
  • Selecting profitable keywords
  • Running search engine marketing campaigns

Picking the Right Amazon Affiliate Market Niche

First and foremost with Amazon, it’s wicked helpful to find and pick the right kind of niche for affiliate marketing. Ideally, you’re looking for a high-demand product that doesn’t have many sellers. These will be the easiest products to convert into affiliate profits, using the Amazon affiliate marketing strategy you’re learning now.

Using a tool like Jungle Scout can help you find the best Amazon products to profit from — faster and without all the guesswork.

Reverse Engineering Unsatisfied Amazon Customer Reviews

Reverse engineering unsatisfied Amazon customer reviews is the next phase.

Start looking at competing seller’s listings of your items for unsatisfied customers and negative reviews. The reason you’re looking for these is to identify what unhappy buyers are unhappy about.

Knowing what a buyer didn’t like about similar products allows you to market your product using the opposite of those missing or bad qualities as fully-included features of your own.

For example, if you found a bad review from someone who bought a sprinkler on Amazon saying that the sprinkler broke after only 2 days of use then you could advertise the sprinkler’s you’re promoting as “unbreakable” because you know that’s what customers actually care about (from reading all the bad reviews saying how cheaply made your competitor’s products are).

Flipping a negative business trait works on anything. You could even feature that your return policy is better than someone else’s. It’s easy to apply this broad style of thinking to anything you can do better. If customer’s want better material, get better material and then tell them about it. If your competition charges too much for shipping, include your shipping in your price and advertise about your FREE shipping.

Use the negative product reviews you find to highlight features you offer that other seller’s don’t.

Selecting Profitable Keywords

Selecting profitable keywords ensures your efforts increased odds for success. By giving yourself a competitive advantage, you’ll be able to use search engine optimization (SEO) to help your online business be discovered, get more customers/sales, and bypass your competition.

There are lots of ways you can research profitable keyword phrases. You can use reverse keyword tools to discover what keywords the larger sellers are using. You can visually scan real search engine result pages to see if there are businesses actively spending on the search terms you’re entering. You can also rabbit hole deep into search by using the popular suggested related searches (typically listed at the bottom of a search engine results page, like on Google). You can even do some really advanced keyword research using paid tools that show you a term’s search volume, top-ranked sites, the average cost per click to publish advertisements on page 1 of the search results for each term, along with lots of other data to help you make informed businesses decisions.

Running Search Engine Marketing Campaigns

After you have a product, your selling angle and your profitable keywords picked out and your website or landing page ready to go, you need to send people to your website in order for them to click your Amazon affiliate links.

Search engine marketing campaigns are one of the best ways you can drive more traffic and visitors to your website. More traffic means more chances for clicking on your affiliate links and more users buying products on Amazon, earning your a commission (always at no extra charge to the actual customer, so it’s win-win).

Optimizing SEO and executing strategic search engine marketing campaigns like targeted content marketing, PPC advertising, and social media are excellent ways to grow your online presence and scale your affiliate marketing.

Afterall, no one will use your service if they can’t find your business, right?