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WordPress Core Updates

You might have noticed that WordPress updates frequently. Most of the time it’s fine to click the update button and let things run, but I always feel better when I’ve tested the updates first and can be confident that updating isn’t going to break anything.

If your WordPress dashboard is alerting you that the next version of WordPress is available let’s work together to make your update a successful one.

I can test the effects of a WordPress core update to your website in a safe and secluded testing environment. It allows me to pre-qualify any and all updates you need to make to your site as safe or not.

WordPress Plugin Updates

Do you need to update a plugin on your WordPress website, but haven’t yet because you’re scared it might break? I can update your plugins for you.

What I like to do is create a copy of your site to use in a safe and secluded staging environment. That way I can test your plugin updates — ensuring nothing breaks or fixing it if it does — in the process of keeping your website up to date.

WordPress Dashboard Clean-up

I’ll clean up clutter and WordPress update notifications from your dashboard with confidence. Occasionally, those notifications are about security updates to WordPress or its plugins, so it’s best practice to stay on top of them when you can.

Fixing Broken WordPress Sites

Whether it’s your theme configuration, something in the dashboard, your styling or an erroneous script file that’s causing your issues, I’ll diagnose and troubleshoot until your website’s health is back to normal.

Fixing Hacked WordPress Sites

Regardless of why your site was hacked or what the hack is, it’s best to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. It’s never good when your site gets hacked, but unfortunately it happens to the best of us. I can help you remove erroneous and malicious code, as well as secure your site to prevent against future security breaches.

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