ServicesDigital Lead Generation

Generating leads or conversions should be a top priority for your website. I can implement innovative solutions including API integration and event tracking to help you achieve your projected ROI. Don’t just collect your customers — collect insights about them, too.

Email Service Integration

If you’re running a business you probably have a mailing list. If you’re using a 3rd party customer relationship manager or email marketing service such as HubSpot, ExactTarget, ConstantContact or MailChimp (etc.) I can help connect your software to your website and automate customization and lead generation including newsletter sign-up forms and mailing list management.

Landing Page Development

A landing page is a single-page website. They’re essential for announcing new product launches and promotions, as well as points of entry for advertising campaigns. No matter what your needs, though, I can bring yours to life.

Let’s make it pretty, so everyone will love it and let’s make it responsive, so everyone can use it.

Micro-Site Development

A micro-site is a small collection of inter-linking landing pages.

They’re incredibly useful when you need to make an entirely new section of your website without committing to a permanent life span or effecting your existing architecture. I can theme your micro-site to fit your brand or we can come up with something completely unique to fit your promotion.

Your micro-site can exist on its own without effecting your primary website and can be removed once it’s outlived its usefulness. It can be a static website that stands alone or I can integrate it with your WordPress site for a more self-manageable experience.

Responsive HTML Emails

Consistent branding is everything these days. If you’re sending out newsletters or emails to your clients it makes sense to have them match your established image, right? I can create custom responsive HTML email templates for you to use that will work in any distribution system you choose to use.

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